Higer Customized Driverless Bus Made Stunning Appearance at Shanghai International Auto Show

On April 19-28, as the world’s first A-class autoshow held on schedule this year, the 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show gatheredglobal attention, and attracted 1000+ enterprises to dispatch high-end luxurylineups, pinpointing future electrification, digitalization, intelligence and connectivity,and leading the global auto industry technology and new market trends.

Higer 5G driverless bus, jointly created by HigerBus, QCraft and China Mobile, made a stunning appearance and attractedcountless fans on the scene. This vehicle is implanted with the most advancedand mature Robobus autonomous driving technology system in China, specifically targetedat scenarios of “circular short shuttle, scenic spot shuttle” and so forth, to acceleratenormalized commercial operation of driverless driving.

For the purpose of achieving more flexible andefficient operation mode, Higer customized “Sailing from Suzhou” driverless buschooses a 6-meter minibus style, delivering more fashionable and technologicalappearance, while the space inside vehicle is reserved for conventional busoperation needs, alongside 9 passenger seats. The intelligent large screen inthe driving area displays real-time surrounding environment perception picturesduring driving, and the vehicle is controlled by advanced autonomous drivingsystem, the operation of driver is not required.

Based on industry-leading autonomous drivingsolution, Higer driverless bus can achieve 360-degree sensing around the vehiclebody, and the maximum sensing distance surpasses 200 meters. Different fromlow-speed minibuses that operate on closed roads or parks, Higer driverlessbuses can drive on urban roads, at a speed of 20-50 km/hour, to basically meetmedium and low-speed scenarios of fixed routes, without problems such as being frequentovertaken or urged due to slow speed.

Apart from basic functions of pedestrian &vehicle avoidance, automatic lane change, automatic steering and traffic lightrecognition, Higer driverless bus can also cope with various urban complextraffic scenarios, such as crossing intersections with mixed pedestrians andvehicles, congestion of vehicles behind and pedestrians popping up, hence trulyushering in a new era of intelligent urban microcirculation traffic.

Currently, the first batch of customized “Sailingfrom Suzhou” driverless buses has started trial operation in Suzhou, bringingnew travel experience.