Higer Bus Has Served Boao Forum For 12 Years

“Since Higer Bus was firstselected as service vehicle for the Boao Forum in 2009, this year marks the12th year that we have persistently served the Boao Forum.” Gary Jiang, GeneralManager of Higer Bus Overseas Sales Company, introduced; amidst service tasksof the Boao Forum these years, Higer Bus has assumed service assurance work forpersonnel of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Forum Secretariat, South Korea Team,Philippines Team, Hong Kong Team, etc., winning unanimous recognition and applaud.

“Higer buses featurehigh-horsepower engine, strong power, proper onboard service facilities and deliversuperb comfort! Moreover, the compartments are large with outstandingvisibility, thus facilitating passengers to enjoy the scenery along the way.”Chen Chaoyang, Captain of Hainan Haoyang Fleet, raved about Higer buses.He said that many guests brought luggage and purchased gifts when they returned,but the through-type bus luggage compartment, as well as sufficient opening andinternal space eliminate the need to worry about the problem of holding luggage.According to Chen Chaoyang, over 12 years, Higer vehicles have maintained “zerodefect” transportation and never broken down, or stopped or missed shifts dueto vehicle defect, as a solid backup for us to accomplish service assurance missionsuccessfully.” I believe Higer Bus will be a permanent partner of Boao Forum forAsia!”

This year’s Boao Forum forAsia is themed “A World in Change: Join Hands to Strengthen Global Governanceand Advance Belt and Road Cooperation”. Higer Bus is also an important forceserving the “Belt and Road” initiative.

Up to date, Higer hasexported to 90 countries along the “Belt and Road”, including Russia, theUnited Arab Emirates, South Korea and Algeria. In 2019 alone, Higer exported3,090 buses to the “Belt and Road” countries, amounting to US$ 210 million. In2020, despite the epidemic impact, 750 buses were still exported, amounting toapproximately US$ 46 million.

It is noteworthy that Higeralso secured the Qatar World Cup order of 1,815 units in 2020. At present,Higer Bus boasts nearly 5,000 buses on the Qatar market, and will export nearly2,000 units in 2021 to serve the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Besides, Higer Bus alsoleads the way in NEV R&D. It is reported that as early as 2014, supercapacitor buses developed by Higer made inroads into Serbia, Austria, Bulgariaand other markets. So far, sales have penetrated in 11 countries. In Q1 2021,Higer Bus entered into a large order of 45 units worth US$ 10 million withSouth Korea.

As NEVs will dominate thefuture auto market, Higer will insist on improving its R&D capability,strive to enhance the ‘Made in China’ impact in industrial development of NEVs,expand Chinese NEV presence in countries along the “Belt and Road”, and boost buildingthe local green public transport system.