Higer H7V Light Buses Work Smoothly on Sichuan-Tibet Travel Routes

The tourism industry has been severely affected by COVID-19 since earlier 2020. In response to the declining number of visitors, Sichuan Chuanzang Tourist Transportation Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Chuanzang) made the decision to introduce smaller buses and thus placed an order of 20 units H7V light buses with nine seats on each from Higer Bus.

With just two seats on each row, Higer H7V light bus provides more spacious room for each passenger. Having already earned wide recognition in the market, the bus is particularly targeted at the high-end market and achieves high fuel economy and high reliability.

According to Chuanzang, it has been seeking new mode of cooperation with Beimian Shanpo International Travel Agency. “By pooling our financial resources, we introduce Higer H7V light buses to better serve travelers from our business partner”, said Wu Dong, General Manager of Chuanzang.

“In June this year, we bought 20 units 12-meter buses from Higer. However, we have to deal with the new changing trends in the tourism industry. More recently, people prefer to travel in smaller groups”, revealed Wu Dong.

Currently,Chuanzang operates 143 buses, over 80% of which are branded with Higer. The two parties have been in smooth cooperation for over a decade.