Over 1,500 Higer Buses Serve The 14th National Games

On September 15, 2021, the China's FourteenthNational Games that would last for 13 days was unveiled in Xi’an Shaanxi. TheChinese athletes, who just achieved outstanding performances in Tokyo OlympicGames, once again started new journey for this China's National Games. This China's National Games isthemed by “All for National Games and All Rise Together” and attracted highattention from all walks of life.

It’s reportedthat at present over 1,500 Higer buses are being used, directly or indirectly,for the guarantee of transportation for 14th National Games, ofwhich 1,300 Higer buses are under orderly operations in the downtown and suburbof Xi’an and 210 Higer coaches are under operations in the National Gamesstadiums and villages to provide exclusive services.

The 210 Higer buses providing theservices include traditional fuel models, hybrid models, and electric models.Before putting into operations, all vehicles passed stringent inspections andall vehicles and drivers were quarantined for the specified period. It’s worthy ofmentioning that 100 Higer buses thereof are new vehicles put into operationafter 2018, and the drivers have more than 5 years of actual driving experience,ensuring safety from both vehicle and passengers.

In terms of the vehicle service guarantee, 8 Higer service engineersare 24-hours ready for calls. Upondetection of any problem, the peripheral service engineers will deliver therequired parts to the service area to guarantee the problem-solving in thefirst place. The Higer spare parts central warehouse located in Xi’an trulyrealizes the trouble-free spare parts services.

On the opening day of thisNational Games, Higer buses transported hundreds of opening ceremony staff fromvarious schools and other assembly points. Afterwards, Higer buses arerunning on the routes back and forth between stadiums and villages to realizezero-failure operation and embrace the subsequent games with a good start.

As a matter of fact, Higeralways bears a glorious tradition of serving the large conventions and games indiversified types. From the successful service for Doha Asian Games in 2006 tothe service for Olympic Games in 2008 and to the service for China’s NationalGames in 2017, Higer all achieved satisfactory results with outstandingperformances. It’sbelieved that Higer, with rich service experiences and high product guarantee,will provide more delicate, considerate, intimate, and reliable services forthis National Games.