Offering New Kinetic Energy in High-End Market
Higer Achieves Remarkable Growth in Both Export Volume and Revenue

In 2021, with exported volume of 3,709 vehicles and sales revenue of RMB 2.465 billion, Higer achieved remarkable year-on-year growth in both sales volume and sales revenue.

How did Higer achieve such breakthrough in the overseas market against the multiple influences, including the global COVID-19 pandemic and intense supply chain, in 2021?  This was not only attributed to the delivery of large orders in advantageous markets, include Qatar, but also attributed to the contributions of new growth points in high-end markets of developed countries.

Nailed high-quality orders in fluctuating overseas market

In 2021, the difficulty in the overseas bus market was doubled. The COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the globe not only caused inconvenient visits abroad, but also influenced the public transport industry in multiple countries, leading to a series of chain reactions, including reduced customer demand, tight budget, increased freightsand raw material prices, and insufficient supply of parts and chips.

Against such situation, how did Higer achieve the remarkable growth in both export volume and revenue in 2021?

Firstly, through more than 20 years ofdeep exploration in overseas market, Higer has accumulatively exported nearly 50,000 buses to more than 130 countries and regions and has established relatively mature global network. This was the foundation for Higer to overcome numerous disadvantageous factors. “Higer persisted in the input of resources to guarantee the sustaining sales and field services. In 2021, Higer delivered large orders in succession in Qatar and maintained market advantages in Russia,South Korea, and Macau.

Meanwhile, Higer nailed high-quality orders and adhered to steady and sustainable development market strategy to maximize the results with long-standing efforts.

In 2021, the yearly export revenue of Higer new energy vehicles exceeded US $ 60,000,000, up by 214% on year-on-yearbasis. Especially in the high-end markets, including Israel, Bulgaria, Ireland, and South Korea, Higer achieved growth in both sales volume and revenue.

Emerged advantages of Chinese buses by upgrade of overseas mode

In 2021, Higer’s overseas customers were mostly pleasantly surprised by Higer's persistence on "Chinese wisdom”(Product customization), “Chinese speed” (Timely delivery), and “Chinesequality" (After-service).

Along with the approach of World Cup Qatar2022, Higer guaranteed with full efforts the successful delivery of large export order for 1,815 buses in succession in 2021.

In response to the road conditions, weathers, and demands in Qatar, more than 100 adaptability improvements were made for Higer buses in terms of sound insulation, thermal insulation, A/C system, corrosion resistance, onboard intelligent network, and nighttime driving safety.

At the end of June, 2021, the vessel loaded with the first batch of 378 Higer buses arrived at Qatar. In the Final of Emir Cup, Qatar in October, 196 Higer all-new generation E series minibuses KLQ6952 passed the vehicle service quality inspection and successfully completed the transport supporting task.

In 2006, 500 Higer buses were put into services for Qatar Asian Games. This order was the largest batch order exportedby Chinese bus manufacturers to Qatar at that time and Higer completed the delivery successfully within less than 3 months of “Chinese speed”. For this order for World Cup Qatar 2022, not only the “Chinese speed” was same as before, but also the “Made-in-China” overseas plant was established and Higer's Oman KD plant took part in the order production. Following the ownership volume of more than 6,000 Higer buses in Qatar market and the achievement of over 90% market share in this market segment, Higer has established quick and efficient service response mechanism.

The customized products create values forcustomers and, with complete production and service system, seize regionaladvantages and thus cover the surrounding regions. The three-dimensionalupgrade of Higer overseas operation mode emerges the powerful strength ofMade-in-China developing towards high-quality.

Demonstration of Made-in-China in high-end markets by breakthroughs

In 2021, Higer not only further seized strategic highland of high-end buses, but also shared the R&D and practice results of Chinese buses in terms of clean energy and new energy to the world.

Since the initiation of dual-brand strategic cooperation between Higer and Scania, “King of the Road”, in 2006, Scania · Higer dual-brand bus, as the leading export brand in Chinese high-end bus industry for many consecutive years, has been distributed to more than 50 countries and regions, including U.K., Belgium, Germany, and Australia.

In 2017, Scania · Higer dual-brand released CL120 new public bus product, symbolizing the expansion of two-party cooperation from Touring and A30 coaches to public buses. On May 18, 2021, Scania · Higer Fencer was officially released in U.K. to continuously march towards high-end public bus market.

Fencer family products include F1 bus, F8 high-end bus, F9 double-deck bus, F18 articulated bus, and F6 intercity/schoolbus, with the length at 10.5m-18m. Besides the diesel model, the battery electric, hybrid, and hydrogen fuel cell models are offered. The Deputy General Manager of Higer Zheng Chunhui said: “On one hand, Scania is extensively recognized by high reliability and strong power advantage and brand appeal in Europe. On the other hand, with years of great efforts in public bus field, Higer boasts mature operation experience of new energy buses. Fencer serieswill seize the market opportunity of European public bus product electrification and speed up the breakthroughs in high-end markets.”

Higer boasts a series of “Combination measures” to win higher market share in high-end market.

Since 2016, Israel repurchased and putinto use Higer super-capacitor buses for multiple times, setting the precedent for the world’s first commercialization of super-capacitor pure-electric bus. In April, 2021, 31 Higer CNG buses were shipped towards Tel Aviv, Israel. This batch of 12m low-entry CNG buses, powered by Euro-VI compliant engine and passing the EU ECE certification, once again provides a good example for the energy-saving, emission reduction, and lowered operating cost in European high-end market. At the end of 2021, nearly 100 Higer low-entry three-door extended range new energy buses tailored to Macau region were delivered insuccession to Nam Kwong TCM.

In 2022, Higer will continue to enhancethe promotion strengths in overseas high-end market and for new energy vehicle models and speed up the leapfrog development towards globalized bus brand!