Higer Wins Three Awards at 16th Annual Great Influences to China Bus Industry

On February 23, the 16th Annual Great Influences to China Bus Industry co-hosted by Urban Public Transport Branch of China Civil Engineering Society and the ChinaBuseswas held in Nanjing, Jiangsu. With outstanding word-of-mouth and excellent products, Higer once again won 2021-2022 “Star of Qatar”, “Star of Urban Sightseeing Bus”, and “Recommended New Energy Bus Model”, which excellently proved the brand influence of Higer in 2021.

“Qatar Star 2022” - HIGER BUS

As the first Chinese bus brand entering the Qatar market, Higer is continuously developing and surpassing inthis land. In 2006, 500 Higer buses were put into service for Qatar Asian Games, which was the first time for Chinese buses to serve the major international events and created the record of largest batch export order of Chinese buses toQatar. In 2022, this record held by Higer was once again broken by Higer. Thelarge order of 1,815 buses created the historic record of largest batch export order to Qatar in Chinese large and medium bus industry and was also the largest batch export order in Chinese large and medium bus industry in 2020.This batch of buses will be put into service for World Cup Qatar 2022.

The buses to be put into service forthis World Cup are of Higer's all-new generation E series minibus KLQ6952, which was ever put into service for large football competitions, including Emir Cup and Arab Cup, in 2021 and demonstrated the brand strength and customer’s high recognition.

Since the entry into Qatar market in 2006, Higer continuously develops with steady steps in this land. Now, with the market ownership volume in excess of 6,000 vehicles and the 1st place in market share, Higer is the first-choice brand for public transportation in the mindsof Qatari people and is deeply recognized and welcomed by local people.Following the opening of World Cup 2022, Higer will, on behalf of“Made-in-China”, create more achievements in Qatar market.

“Star of Urban Sightseeing Bus” - Higer KLQ6106GAEVN5

In 2021,under the background of repeated outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the customization, diversification, and high-end advantages of tourist transport market were increasingly emerged. As one sightseeing bus of most unique shapeamong Higer’s numerous products, KLQ6106GAEVN5 attracted extensive attentions ever since its release and its overall shape won the 20th China Patent Award ofthe State Intellectual Property Office. It’s designed with multiple equipment, including British retro head modeling, high-end customized upholster, and viewing window of wide vision, just for high-end customized touring.

“RecommendedNew Energy Bus Model” - Higer KLQ6111ZGEVN

As Higer’searliest released big data intelligent bus, KLQ6111Y series model gained thefavor of numerous users with super-high appearance attractiveness and multipleblack technologies ever since the market release in 2017. The all-new upgradedKLQ6111ZGEVN new energy bus not only inherits the excellent car-buildingphilosophy of Scania - Higer and elaborately forges golden power chain, goldenvehicle length and exquisite quality with big data, but also adds the largebottom tandem luggage compartment and other equipment based on the passengertransport needs to realize high environmental-friendliness, low noise, andcomfortable seating (No standing zone) and further improve the traveling levelof both urban and rural residents.