Higer Buses Transform into COVID-19 Fighters in Suzhou and Wuxi

Recently, due to the resurgingCOVID-19 cases, Higer buses, under the management of Jiangsu Suqi Travel GroupCo., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Suqi), were transformed into nucleic acidtesting vehicles, helping Suzhou effectively contain the spread of COVID-19.

According to Suqi, 12-meter and7-meter Higer buses were converted into nucleic testing vehicles, which arereadily adaptable to various working conditions. The 12-meter has three testingwindows and is able to perform 400 tests each other while the 7-meter has twotesting windows and is able to perform 300 tests each hour. Under each window,a platform measuring 60 centimeters in height and 0.5 square meter in area isavailable, facilitating the testing process. In addition, the vehicle hasfoldable sun sheds.

On April 12, the first batch ofHiger nucleic acid testing vehicles started operation in Wuxi. In just fivehours, they provided nucleic acid tests to 2,000 people.

So far, Higer has successfullydeveloped negative pressure ambulances, nucleic acid testing vehicles, mobilePCR labs and other medical vehicles to fight against COVID-19.

Adhering to the dynamic zero COVIDpolicy, Chinese government is determined to safeguard all people’s health andgain victory in fighting the infectious virus.