Higer New Energy Buses Set to Strengthen Presence in Pakistan

Higer Attends A Video Conference OnNovember 1 and 2, Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, led a team ofhigh-level government official and paid a state visit to China. On theafternoon of November 2, a video conference was held. Several governmentministers Syed Tariq Faemi, Syed Fahd Husain, Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan,Zafaruddin Mahmood, and Saleem Mandviwala, Deputy Chairman of the PakistaniSenate, Aurangzeb, president of HBL Bank held talks with Huang Shuping, GeneralManager of Higer.


During the video conference,Pakistan expressed its determination to put more electric buses on the road andupgrade the country’s public transport networks. It also spoked highly ofHiger’s impressive achievements and the bus maker’s significant contributionsto the improvement of Pakistan’s public transport.


In 2008, Higer officially enteredPakistan. In just a decade, it has become one of the leading bus brands in thecountry. In 2022, Higer secured an order of 30 units buses for BRT bus route inPakistan. In addition, 250 units Higer KLQ6129GHEV hybrid luxury city buseswere delivered to Sindh Province, Pakistan, providing greener and moreconvenient transportation services for six major cities across the province. Sofar, Higer has built deep mutual trust and long-term cooperation ties withPakistani government.