Higer Bus Company Serves COP27 with Electric Buses

OnNovember 6, 2022, the 27th UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) kicked off inSharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. The conference focuses on "implementation" anddiscusses climate issues from the practical level. As the only Chinese busbrand serving COP27, thirty units of Higer's electric buses provide the zero-carbonshuttle service for the conference. Higer bus, China's leading clean technologybus company, shows the commitment and strength to serve such internationalconferences and provides China's solution to climate challenges in the globalpublic transportation industry.

The buses,jointly built by Higer and Egypt's partner, G Company, are operated betweenSharm el-Sheikh, the blue zone and green zone of the venue, providing excellentservices for government officials and international organization representatives.The futuristic design language, zero-carbon emissions and comfortable riding experience have attracted theattention and praise of people from all walks of life.

In2020, G Company and Higer Bus agreed on localization bus production to achieveEgypt's environmental-friendly ambitions. As a result, G Company has investedin constructing a modern manufacturing infrastructure and started to produce Higer'scleantech bus. Higer's extensiveexperience in overseas KD projects and shared green vision, alignedthe two parties and signed a contract to build electric buses in Egypt for the transportationservices of COP27.

Peoplefamiliar with the matter said these customized buses, painted with uniqueconference patterns, air suspension and increased capacity of the airconditioner and battery, are designed forEgypt's local environment and COP27 shuttle service needs.

"We have formed and dispatched a COP27 special task force of thirteen seasonedveteran engineers with G Company. The team is responsible for maintenance of thevehicles to ensure the smooth operation during the conference," said anon-site Higer servicestaff.

In the context of the increasing energy crisis and extreme climate events, theelectric and low-carbon transformation of the transportation industry hasbecome a global consensus. Xia Guolin, Africa Manager of Higer Bus, said, "To achieve the goalof low-carbon emission reduction, the transportation industry needs toaccelerate the reform process. The joint project shows Egypt's commitment toaccelerate the transformation of zero-emission public transport, and China'ssustainable mobility solutions to counter climate change."

The COP27 demonstrates the growing determination to tackle the world's climate challenges.To proactively respond to the conference's initiative, Higer Bus will continuouslycontribute to energy conservation and emission reduction, by bringing morereliable cleantech products and efficient services, building a sustainablefuture in terms of harmonious coexistence between humans, vehicle and nature.