Higer’s Brand Value Exceeds 57 Billion RMB in 2021

On June 22, World Brand Lab officially released China’s 500 MostValuable Brands. Higer, with a brand value of 57.226 billion RMB, ranked the130th place in the list. With its brand value growing fast, the bus maker hasbeen on the list for 14 consecutive years.

In response to the cutthroat competition in the market, Higer has takena series of concrete measures, rolling out high-end coaches with more customizedfeatures and more intelligent city buses with more travel comforts.


In 2020, Higer KLQ6127B travel coach and KLQ6590E5V1 light bus madetheir debut, meeting passengers’ growing demands for greener and morecomfortable travel. With 2+1 seat layout, curtains, lamps and USB portals, theyare ideal for business reception and tourist transportation.


Higer Ruixing has nine seats and a large luggage compartment. Driverswith C license are qualified to drive it. Currently, Ruixing has been put intooperation in Guangxi, Guangdong, Henan and Jiangsu, etc., greatly raising thebar for business & travel services.


With a unique design and low-floor access, Higer Azure city bus isequipped with a host of advanced technologies. It automatically deals with thetraffic on the road and has multi-layer of safety measures. Since its debut in2019, over 3,000 units Azure city buses have been put into service, enjoy agrowing popularity among customers and passengers.

So far, over 50,000 units Higer buses & coaches have made their wayto over130 countries and regions across the globe. In addition, they haveserved at a number of high-profile events, such as Beijing 2008 Olympic Games,World Expo, Asia Games, World Cup, Boao Asia Forum, etc.


Despite COVID-19, Higer has made breakthroughs by making its entry intothe bus market in South Korea, Qatar, Russia, Serbia, etc. In addition, it hasalready secured an order of 1,815 units buses & coaches for 2022 QatarWorld Cup.


By working closely with Scania, Higer Scania has been enjoying a fastgrowing popularity in many EU countries. On May 18, Scania Higer officiallyreleased its new city bus Fencer in UK. According to the bus maker, Fencer ismainly targeted at the high-end bus market in Europe.


Higer always attaches paramount importance to innovation. From 2018 to2020, the company has launched 14 R&D projects on electric buses, hydrogenfuel cell buses and autonomous driving buses. Currently, Higer boasts a widespectrum of buses and coaches measuring from 4-meter to 18-meter in length. Inthe intelligent internet-connected bus sector, it has rolled out G-BOSIntelligent Operation System and has already obtained over 70 patents and isplaying a leading role in making rules and regulations for the whole industry.Higer Deepblue autonomous driving electric bus owns seven major technologies andhas already been put into operation in China.


At the end of 2020, Higer hydrogen fuel cell buses were put intooperation in Shanghai, Suzhou, Zhangjiagang and Changshu, etc. Higer hydrogenfuel cell heavy-duty trucks were also delivered to Baosteel for commercialoperation.


I have witnessed the fast growth of Chinese brands in the pastfifteen years and I hope more people could better understand China throughChinese brands”, said Steve Woolgar, Chairman of World Brand Lab and anhonorary professor of Oxford University.