First Batch of 644 Higer Buses for the Qatar FIFA 2022 World Cup Arrived in Doha

Recently, first batch of 644 coaches of Higer Bus has arrived in Doha, Qatar, where the FIFA 2022 World Cup will be held. These coaches will provide a guarantee for transportation of the event, as one of the representatives of “Bus Manufactured in China”.

This batch is KLQ6952, Higer ’s new generation E-series medium-sized coach. It adopts a streamlined design, stylish and simple, and is equipped with high-end maroon business seats in the interior. As Higer ’s hit products catered for overseas markets, what are the highlights of these coaches specifically designed for the Qatar FIFA 2022 World Cup, in addition to excellent appearance?

According to Jiang Haifeng, General Manager of Overseas Sales of Higer Bus, this model is equipped with an engine meeting the Euro V Emission Standard, which is environmentally friendly and low-carbon; the CAN systemand instrument of the model make it more intelligent and convenient for maintenance, realizing multiple functions such as function integration, space-saving, reduction of failure rate and convenient operation; the automatic transmission makes it easier to drive; the LED headlamp, integrated daytime running lamp, double full-beam headlights, long-eye brow-shape headlamp, and headlight covers with primer-free process show the quality of luxury and make its service life longer; the combined rear headlamps with the design concept of “Chinese knot,”  give the model the sense of vigorousness; the embedded LED lamps are equipped for night driving as it is eye-catching.

As the first Chinese bus brand to enter the Qatar market, Higer Bus served the Qatar Asian Games with 500 coaches in 2006, which was the first time that Chinese coaches went abroad to serve a major international event, creating the largest bulk order for Chinese coaches exported to Qatar at the time. In 2020, this record was broken by Higer Bus itself again. An order involving 1,815 coaches has made it the largest bulk order for large and medium-sized coaches exported to Qatar in history, as well as the largest bulk order for large and medium-sized buses exported throughout the year. After 15 years of operation, Higer Bus has nearly 5,000 coaches in the Qatar market, with a market share of more than 90%, making it the top 1 Chinese bus brand.

After the signing ceremony, Higer Bus quickly set up a dedicated team for the Qatar World Cup, working hard on communication with customers, product planning, and production organization. Four high-standard prototypes were manufactured in just one month, which stood the vehicle inspection from the representatives of Qatar customers in a timely manner.

On March 10th, the first four prototypes rectified according to customers’ requirements were shipped to Qatar from the Port of Shanghai for inspection performed by the local government and the Qatar FIFA 2022 World Cup Organizing Committee after the first-round inspection.This batch of prototypes has arrived at the port on local time March 28th and put into trial operation, providing a basis for the subsequent batch vehicle manufacturing and improvement.

The great after-sales service has always been a booster for Higer Bus to remain the leading player among Chinese bus and coach makers in the Qatar market. Higer Bus has provided services for many events, including the 2006 Doha Asian Games and the Asian Cup. In order to meet the high traffic demand during the event, Higer Bus has established a capable service team in Doha to provide timely and efficient professional services for customers and perfectly complete the services in each event. Up to now, Higer has stationed 15 service personnel and core supplier service personnel, and has carried out 16 batches of 170 person-time training for customers. The central warehouse of accessories has also been put into operation, effectively guaranteeing customer service needs.