Higer 12m Electric Chassis, A New Batch to Israel!

Higer have won an over 30-unit 12m chassis orderin March this year,which will be produced in scale at Higer’s plant in Suzhou, China. By now, 22 units have already arrived Israel and ready for the bus assembly, and the rest is planned to be successively delivered in September.

Higer E-chassis in Israel

The E-chassis model is 12 meters long, drivable and has LFP battery with fast charging over 400kWh capacity and has anautonomy of up to 500 km with a full charge under favorable conditions. It has received a separate WVTA, EU certification, and is totally in accordance with the international highest standard.

In 2019,Higer design their first 100% electric battery chassis based on Higer 12 meter battery city bus. After finished the body assembly in Israel,the brand new buswill join the fleet to service in Tel Aviv. With the experience of design and production of the prototype,Higer have made a lot of improvement on the new chassis to prepare for the series production and keep path with the electric bus developing. For example,compare to the prototype,Higer designed temporary middle frame and structure beams connected by bolts instead of welding,so that it canbe fast disassembled.

Excellent cooperation

Merkavim is an Israeli bus manufacturer,and have an excellent cooperation with Higer. Via such cooperation,Higer and Merkavim reach a deep communication on bus technologies and get higher frequency to share the experience during the bus production. Combined with the leading bus body technology,Higer-Merkavim 12 meters electric bus will definitely be a visual feast .

The advantage of E-chassis project

The E-chassis project has promoted the local economic sustainable developing and employment rate. At the same time, it offers Higer a chance to entering new markets protected by local policies. What’s more, it can save both parties’ cost and time on the premise of ensuring profits. That is the best situation we all want to see, called “win-win”.

With the help of experience on 12m e-chassis, on the next stage, Higer will unveil its first 18m artic battery chassis soon. Not only Israel, many companies in other market show their great interest on the drivable chassis project, and Higer team will try best to serve and support partners to achieve a successful cooperation.

Having the batch of 12m chassis entering Israel, Higer have taken a big step in the battery chassis field. More chassis products and cooperation are deserved to be expected.